Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There is more than meets the eye

Columbine, Gem of the Rockies

Ghost Trees

Mountain Treasures

North Head Light

San Juan Summer

Winter's Light on Mount Abrams

Red Mountain Autumn

Desert Varnish in Zion

All of the above paintings can be found on the page linked above.  I appreciate all of you checking out my blog, but virtually no one is going to the other pages of this web site that are listed in the menu under the Header Photo.  Just a heads up in case you have not noticed the menu before.

We are packing up and heading south for a month or two.  Hopefully, there will be more new paintings to come.  Thanks for your participation in my blog in 2012.  Please keep coming back in 2013.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wonderful Daze

I Just Have Not Had Time To Paint 

There have been too many other indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy:

Indoor activities include sewing  Wonder Bear

Wonder Bear with her Wonderful cape

Wonder Bear and all these creations are for my newest great niece who was born
more than 3 months premature, after spending her first 4 months in the hospital, she is finally home
with her family.  She is  Wonder Baby Emma 

Another indoor activity:  Tie Dyeing  Infant Onesies

Long sleeved Onesie

Back of another long sleeved Onesie,
Tie Dyeing is so much fun, I never know what will happen

Fleece lined afghan,  I knitted this afghan a few months ago, but it was not soft and cuddly,
so I lined it with fleece, now it is snuggleable
All these things went in the mail yesterday, so don't tell, shhh

I love Snow Daze