Saturday, April 30, 2016

Attempt to Refresh


Perhaps many of you who follow my art have realized that I have been struggling with painting for a couple of years now.  In an attempt to recapture my love of painting, I went back to the basics, contacting my former instructor, Linda Nadel in Montrose.  She was always fun to paint with, so I thought that she would be the one to get my juices flowing again.

We spent 4 Thursday afternoons in April cussing and discussing the ups and downs of creativity and playing with paint.
I can't say right now if I will continue painting on my own on a regular basis, but those 4 afternoons were so much fun and brought pleasure back to a process that had become a chore.  Thanks Linda!!

The above painting came out of our first meeting together.  I had brought in photos and magazines to give us inspiration.  This was an exercise in creativity in a recent issue of Watercolor magazine.  It demonstrates the fluidity and "looseness" that I have wanted to portray in my work.  The original was created by Carol Z. Brody.  The above is my version.