Wednesday, January 15, 2014


View From Dalton Wells
Last fall while camped outside of Moab, Utah, I took a few photos of the area to use as reference for painting.  The above piece is a result of one of those photos.

We refer to our family in Golden, CO, as MOAB because of their first name initials.  Maia, Owen, Anita, and Brent.

This next bag is for my great niece, Maia, the M in MOAB, who turns 12 the end of this month.  She has many interests, including her cats, Wilbur and Orville; sewing, cooking and outdoor activities that include biking and learning about nature and the environment.  Last I heard, she wants to be a marine biologist.

View From Dalton Wells
10x14, matted to 16x20