Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More Aspen Studies

Autumn Quakie Study

Summer Quakies

Abstract Quakie
I realized after I posted last, that my web site was not going away, but just has a different name.
I have let my domain name go, but I am still on at

Anyway, painting is happening sporadically, and lately I have been playing with different styles and seasons of Quakies, (or Aspen as you may know them by).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Quakies in Spring"
This is my latest painting.  I am planning to discontinue my web site and will hopefully develop a Facebook page for my art instead.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Combatting Cabin Fever

Rag Quilt I made for Caleb
(Me, Caleb, Kelli)
We arrived home from winter travels on the first of April.  That is almost a month early for us.  The weather was great at first, but then the spring rains/snows started and we were stuck indoors for much of the time.  To combat Cabin Fever I made a couple of quilts and painted a little.

Starting of the Bedfordshire Quilt I made for my great nephew, Alex
Lots of cutting and piecing.

One square done, many more to go

Four squares make one block

16 Blocks make up the center 

Add 4 different borders, each one a little larger than the one before, to make a whole, then bind it.
I purchased this quilt kit from Craftsy, which included the pattern and fabric. I added the batting and backing.
I love the colors and quality of the fabric in this kit.

I painted as well.  2 small, 8x8" landscapes to remind me of the beautiful Sonoran Desert

And the colors of Capitol Reef

Starting the Rag Quilt for my stepson, Caleb

Each square is a sandwich of backing fabric, batting, and top fabric

It is called a rag quilt because all the seams show

One strip made of 7 blocks

All 9 strips sewn together

Each seam is clipped about every 1/4" to make it ragged.
There is no border on this quilt.  I stitched around the whole thing a 1/2 "
in, then clipped the same as for all the other seams.  Once the quilt is washed and dried on low heat in the dryer, it takes on the ragged look.

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Aspen Studies

"Winter Aspen Study 1"

"Winter Aspen Study 2"

"Winter Aspen Study 3"

I failed to take any photos as I was painting these 3 aspen studies.  But, as you can see, in the first study the sky is somewhat flat with no direct sun.  The 2 evergreens in the foreground are dark which makes them feel close up.  The two in the back are smaller and faded out which gives them the appearance of being in the distance.

In the second study, there is light coming from the right as indicated by the warm glow in the sky and on the snow.  The focal point of the painting is the large aspen in the foreground so you see more definition.  Distance is indicated by each of the other trees being less defined and smaller than the focal point tree.

In the third study, there are more indications of distance.  The line or path in the snow takes the eye back into the depths of the scene.  As you travel you notice the trees becoming less defined and smaller and finally the mountains are faded  and vaguely depicted.  The shadows indicate the direction of the light and the variations in the terrain.