Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Is Missing

So I started safe with a light green wash, figuring to build on it, but not exactly sure how.  I knew I wanted the background darkest around the white petals and also in the lower left corner.  There were some nice shapes in the original photograph, so I decided to include some.
Below, I left out most of the steps that I went through to get to the finished product, mostly because things were not working out as I envisioned them.

I even played with the idea of scrapping the painting altogether and starting over.  But a couple of people said that they really liked the background, so that made me think perhaps the flower itself needed work.

The white petals and the center pleased me, so I worked on the blue petals and feel like there is an improvement in the overall piece.

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Bobbie Johnson said...

Spectacular, as usual. I was wondering if you had ever considered teaching an art class at Ouray school? If I remember correctly from yours and Marks archives, you were teaching a while back near Durango? Anyway, I think the students and adults would benefit greatly by your teachings of watercolors and such.