Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter's Wonderland

Let's paint winter

Here is my sketch using the above photo.  I have used Aureolin
working wet in wet for the glow in the right corner of the sky area.
For the remainder of the sky, still working wet in wet, I dropped in some cobalt blue and a little
permanent rose

After the sky was dry,  I wet the main mountain slightly, then used ultramarine blue
and cobalt, leaving white areas.  As we move away, the mountains must be less
in focus.  For the mountain on the far left, I used a light wash of june bug (blue green),
The next 2 mountains in the distance are of a light wash of rose and cobalt.  

The small. very distant mountain is a light wash of cobalt.
Moving forward,  The mountain on the right is catching the winter light.
The slope on the left is a wash of june bug.  Different effects are possible with water and pigment
as demonstrated by the area behind and to the right of the trees.  To be continued... 


Anonymous said...

Your winter paintings are absolutely beautiful! I love seeing how you capture the light and various hues of blue.... -scamp

Jane said...

How lovely to see your steps !

Bobbie Johnson said...