Monday, March 25, 2013

Got a brand new "Bag"

Patchwork bag
I have been in need of a project to work on in the evenings while on the road.  My friend, Susan Wise, has been making patchwork bags and so volunteered to help me create one.  Some of the patches are her creations, many are mine, using her fabric and accessories. Maikel, Susan's husband, even chipped in one evening when we were stitching patches together.  It is a great project, lots of handwork and all the creativity you can muster.

Patches are of various sizes and shapes.  Stitch by hand or machine, stuff with dacron.

Use your favorite colors of embroidery floss to stitch around each patch and to stitch the patches together.

Use two different fabrics for each patch (front and back)  Fold over the hem and stitch down with
embroidery thread.

Decorate each patch with your own designs and imagination. I used beads of all sizes, buttons of all colors and various stitches 
More examples of the variety of patches I created
This will give away who this bag was made for.

The various patches are stitched together using more embroidery thread, the more colors the better
This is one side of the bag that is stitched to the other side (above) with more embroidery thread
The handle is created by stitching various pieces of fabric together in long, 2" wide strands;
six strands all together.  These are gathered by twos and braided
This is my sewing master and friend, Susan.  She has made a couple of these bags and helped me with mine .
Here she is working on the lining and attaching the handle to the lining. The lining is made a little smaller than the bag, sew the ends of the handle to either side of the lining.  Place the lining inside the bag and hand stitch the lining to the top of the bag using embroidery thread
Here is my completed bag
It is quite "smart" don't you think?
Now I need a new project, (painting, maybe) :-)


Teri said...

Great looking bag. I love to do handwork. I'll need to make one of these, I need to find some of that colorful fabric that you used.

darin said...


Anonymous said...

Susan here. EXCELLENT description of the process!!! Maikel has requested a 'murse' otherwise known as a man-bag. He's cracking up laughing! What fun it was to make this bag with you and Mia is gonna LOVE it!!!

Sue Marrazzo said...

This is a beautiful BAG!
I am sure it will mean a lot to you.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Tell your friend it awesome!