Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Personalizing Patchwork Bags

What is your fancy?

Dee Hilton owns the Wildflower Boutique in Ouray.  She carries an assortment of my original paintings, prints, cards and magnets in her shop.  I happened  to show her one of the patchwork bags that I had made, and she loved it.  She gave me some fabric with some of her favorite things depicted:
Flowers, coffee and wine.  So I made this bag for her:

This is a cross stitch that Dee created many years ago.  I added some beads for bling.

I cut down a wine bag that Dee gave me to create this patch

Flowers are another favorite thing of Dee's

Earth tones are Dee, no pinks or purples

Dee loves coffee and used to own a coffee roasting establishment

One side of completed bag

The other side

Dee loves her personalized patchwork bag

I have not totally forgotten about painting.  Here is a quick sketch I did of Aspen in spring using a technique that is a favorite of artist, Sachin Naik.  According to Sachin, landscapes are simply patterns of light and shadow.  

I have been experiencing some problems with my computer.  For over two weeks, I could not get to any of my documents or other files.  After many hours on the phone with Apple Care, it is finally working properly again.   I have a love/hate relationship with computers, so I nearly gave up on this blog and everything else concerning computers and the internet.  But, for now, I am back "on the air."


Anonymous said...

Susan here. WOWOWOWOWOW! Bobbie, that bag is spectaculicious. I keep going back and looking at the photos and seeing more details. Glad you stuck out the computer 'relationship' so that I could see this post. Yep.

Mindy said...

Wow, the purses are alot larger than I thought they were. They are so unique and beautiful!

Bobbie said...

Mindy, They have grown with each one I do. Susan and I first started using an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper as our template. The next 2 that I made were 9x12 and this one is 10x13. Bobbie

Susan, thanks, how is the wall hanging coming?