Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heron Pond

Heron Pond

This is pretty unbelievable, but my brother and his wife will celebrate 50 years of marriage this coming week.
So I wanted to give them a gift that I had made.  Above is the pattern I used to create a quilted wall hanging for them.

This is how it all came together over the past month or so....

The pattern included several appliqués and some of them had several parts

I used a fusible web to adhere the appliqués to the fabric and to adhere all the parts of the appliqués to each other

Three little fishes

As you can see, each heron has six or seven parts, and the pond has a lilly pad and lilly,
Even the frog has two parts.

Finished top with quilt batting and backing fabric

Quilt batting

I had the piece quilted on a long arm machine by Laurie Gerse, then I did the finish binding of the edges
It is in the mail and on its way to Kitty Hawk.
Happy Anniversary, Brian and Lynne!!


Mark Johnson said...

You did such a good job!!! It's beautiful...

Jim and Gayle said...

That is very nice!

Hope you are selling some of your paintings at Bear Creek.

Teri said...

It's beautiful and I like your choice of fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Bobbie - you never cease to amaze me with your artistic talent and creativity. Yet another beautiful work of art! Huggs - Susan