Saturday, September 14, 2013

Recalling a High Country Spring

One of the favorite roads that head up into the mountains from Ouray, is County Road 361.
Locally known as the Camp Bird Road since it accesses the once huge and prolific Camp Bird Mine.
This dirt track also accesses Imogene Pass Road which climbs over 13000' then drops abruptly into Telluride.  If you continue past Camp Bird Mine and Imogene Pass Road, you will reach the iconic Yankee Boy Basin, where water tumbles from twin falls and wild flowers literally blanket a verdant basin from mid July through August.  We use the Camp Bird road all year as one of our exercise routes.  We love experiencing the changing seasons along this scenic byway.  

First wash on the mountain and sky, frisket saving whites where the quakies and snow will be

Second wash on the mountains and sky

adding evergreens and first wash for aspen leaves

Shadows and more evergreens

more detail and foreground

"Spring Comes to the Camp Bird Road"


Mark Johnson said...

Nice juicy spring colors!

Mindy said...

Really like this! Fresh and springy!