Monday, October 7, 2013


A Whale of a good time
August and September were pretty wet here.  We had showers and thunderstorms almost every day.  There was time in the mornings to get some exercise in usually before the rains started, but that left afternoons to fill.  Thus I completed 3 paintings and two patchwork bags.  Here are the last two bags in no particular order:

Jumping for Joy

Float like a butterfly

Sweet little girls

Nest for the birdie

Free Wheeling

All stitched up

Side One

Side 2

Another bag stitched up

Completed side one

All done (side 2)
We are about to load up "Goldie" and head to Utah, so this may be all for awhile, or not...


Mark Johnson said...

You are soooo talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie! Yet more amazing talented treasures that will be cherished for years to come. What lucky recipients :) Huggs from Susan

Teri said...

Cute fabrics! I love these bags.

Mindy said...

Hmm, there might be some down-time in Utah that you could fill up with stitching. Have a safe trip and enjoy all that winter hiking!