Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red Mountain Autumn

Red Mountain Autumn

Here is my sketch,  I have used masking fluid on the trees.
Cerulean blue colors the sky and some of the spaces amongst the leaves

I used a wet in wet technique to color the top leaves and mountain peaks,
aureolin, cad orange, Q. gold, and Q violet were the pigments I chose

Continuing with wet in wet using sap green, june bug and ultramarine blue,
I created the evergreen forest on the mountains.
The mid-ground aspen forest at the lower portion of the painting is a mixture of greens
yellows, reds and orange, dropping in color and allowing them to mingle on the damp paper

The evergreen trees that are closer is a mixture of the same colors that are in
the farther trees, but using more pigment to get the darker hues
The leaves on the foreground trees were created by wetting the paper carefully
going around the spaces within the shapes, then dropping in the colors
At times I felt like I was painting a jigsaw puzzle

The masking has been removed and details have been added.
I have attempted to give the aspen leaves the appearance of groups of leaves by
painting "holes" of whatever is behind them, instead of trying to paint
individuals leaves 

Aspen trunks, being mostly white, reflect colors near them, so do not
be afraid to use color.  To get the rounded appearance
you must decide where your light is coming from and shade the trunks

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nothing Can Compare With Fall

Ironton's Autumn Glow

Hillsides bright with color, sky of deepest blue

It's Autumn in the Rockies

Come enjoy the view

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aspen Gold

Autumn on Richmond Pass trail

Aspen Gold, the gift of Autumn

Hillsides all aglow

Summer's gone, its heat forgotten
Peaks are capped with snow

Gentle breezes tease each leaf
So begins the dance

Mellow golden days too brief
Hold us in a trance

We'll wander through sunlit groves; clear skies overhead
Yellow carpets line the roads where our feet will tread

We'll recall the aspens' gold in the days to come
When the wind turns bitter cold, and storm clouds hide the sun

"Aspen Study"

Aspen Study II

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Try This For Fun

Here is a fun technique to try that I found on Gordon MacKenzie's "The Watercolorist's
Essential Notebook:  Landscapes" DVD
You need a hogs hair bristle brush which you can get at the hardware store and
a household sponge that you have torn a small piece from