Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back Again

Crystal Lake reflects the Red Mountains

After making a rough sketch, I started painting the sky by using the wet in wet technique.
I used cobalt blue and some June bug blue,  after letting it run and dry just a little, I dabbed kleenex to pick up paint where I wanted clouds

After the sky was dry I washed in some orange at the top of the mountains

Then I got so absorbed in painting that I forgot to take any more photos :-)
But, you can probably see that I washed in blues and greens as I came down the mountains.
I decided that I did not want a lot of water, so I cut the painting off at the bottom.  I added the tree detail with a square stiff brush and various shades of green and blue

Matted painting.  Now I need a title

This is "Sweet Violet"  
I made her for my great niece, Emma, who turned 2 in August

I found the pattern on the internet, and she was quite easy to put together.
Do you remember the song: "Sweet Violet,  Sweeter than the roses, covered all over from head to toe,
Covered all over with Sweet Violets…"