Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Things

Time to move on to Spring things.  This is an 8x8 watercolor of Aspen trunks and spring wildflowers.
The snow is melting here in Ouray, but up in the high country there is still several feet covering the ground.  The weather forecasters are calling for warmer than usual temps this spring, so perhaps the snow will come down fast.
Right now it is pretty brown here in town with a few daffodils braving the intermittent snows along with the hardy forsythia.

Another spring aspen study.  I did both of these while on the road this winter, tho I did not finish this one until last week.  

I painted this small autumn aspen study in February before doing the spring studies.  8x8 is a handy size to work in on the road.  I like it better than the tiny 4x6.  The only problem is the composition is square, so that requires more thought and preparation when considering where to place the focal point.

Last summer I started this quilt and had it all put together and pinned when we left in Oct.  I took it with me, but never did anything to it while on the road.  

Nor did I get it out while we were home in December.  But in late March, after arriving,  I was eager to get it finished as I had finally figured out how I was going to quilt it.

Quilting the whole thing on my machine with only a little practice was too daunting,  so  I tied the body of the quilt
and used my sewing machine to quilt the 2 borders.  It is certainly not perfect, but all in all it looks great.

Wouldn't you say?