Sunday, January 15, 2017

Remembering Autumn in Colorado

"Autumn at Crystal Lake"
What a relief to finally paint something that I like.  It was quite a struggle to get it to the finish line, and I told Mark that this should not be so hard.  But I am pleased with it and hope that it marks the beginning of better paintings to come.  This painting is 10x14, matted to 16x20.  

"Autumn up Dexter Creek"

This is a small study, 8x8" which could be matted to 12x12.
I love fall and found recently that I had no more fall paintings hanging anywhere, so perhaps others love fall as much as I do.

 Aspens are a popular painting subject and fall aspens are the most colorful.  When you capture vividly colored leaves with the aspen's uniquely marked trunks and add snow capped peaks, you are bound to have a winner.

My wish, now that we are back on the road, is that I don't fall into my bad habit of not painting.  It is important to keep the creative juices flowing.  From past experience, I know that the longer I go between painting attempts the easier it is not to pick up a brush at all.  Then the blank page just stares back reflecting a blank mind.  😕