Sunday, October 8, 2017

Experiments in Pastels

Sneffles Autumn

Red Mountains #2 and #3

It has been a busy summer of hiking in the high country.  I have not taken much time for painting, but did spend time with my good friend, Barbara Kendrick, who has helped me off and on try to get the hang of pastels.  It is still a mystery to me how this medium works, but I came away with two pieces that I like.  

The Ouray art show, Artists Alpine Holiday, which happens every August, was a great success.  Though I did not win any awards for the 3 watercolors that I entered, I did sell two of them.  

A new locals gallery opened up in Ouray this summer, The Purple Peacock.  I was encouraged by Dee Hilton, who owns the Wildflower Boutique, where my paintings, prints, and cards reside, to talk to the owner of the Peacock.  I was pleased to be able to hang several original paintings there, one of which sold last month.  

So it is time to hit the road again, and as usual, I have told myself that this time out, I will paint more, but I know how that usually goes.  😏