Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Mountain Treasure"  was inspired by several trips both on foot and by 4 Wheel drive vehicle up the Corkscrew Gulch which is a wonderfully colorful journey into Colorado's past. 

"Here along the Corkscrew Gulch  Near a mountain known as Red,  Sags a cabin built back when,  By a miner long since dead." 

I first traveled this road back in the 70's.  At that time this cabin still had a roof, tho it was sagging badly.  The years and heavy snows have taken their toll on this old cabin which makes me realize that they have probably taken a toll on me as well.  "Though its days are numbered,  As the years take their toll,  It still represents the dreams and grit  Of those old hardy souls.

 But as long as I am still able to walk, photograph and paint, I will continue to explore these mountains for they "own many treasures,  The least of which is gold,  And many wander the old roads  Seeking the wealth they hold." 

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This new blog is very nice. Thank you for starting it.