Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clearing My Head

Red Mountain 1,  from Gray Copper Gulch

Mountains Make Me Whole

I run to the mountains when my head needs clearing
When my heart needs healing
When my body needs working

Spirit Basin

I head for the mountains searching for the beauty
That refreshes my soul
The peace that calms my being
The aura that makes me whole

My Vertical World

I climb the mountains when my burden is heavy
When my feelings are raw
When my outlook is dark
I am renewed, uplifted and grounded again

Globe Flowers

I ascend when I am joyous and long to share my feelings 
The mountains respond and echo my gladness

Columbine Lake

Looking down on Silver Lake from 13400'

I go to the mountains to drink in their flavors and colors
marveling in the strength and power they represent
The delicacy and tenacity of life they hold

At the top

I go to the mountains and I am quenched
I am restored, I am content

Cow Elk with Calves near McMillan Peak

The Red Mountains (1,2 &3) from Spirit Basin

Headed for the ridge

Paint Brush

Ice Lake, 12200'

This is where I am with my latest painting.  The sky has been added and some detail
as well.  I plan to get back to this piece when my I see where it should go.


Jim and Gayle said...

Bobbie, I really like the clouds in the sky and the additional flowers. It's coming along nicely.


Bobbie said...

Thanks, Gayle, I wish I knew what to do next.