Sunday, August 19, 2012

San Juan Summer

San Juan Summer

As I mentioned in last week's post, the closer ridges needed more color and detail.
Here I have done that 

The sky was done in two washes.  First I wet the whole sky area, turned the
painting upside down and tilted it slightly so the paint would run toward the
top of the painting.  I dropped in cerulean blue, and a mixture of ultramarine and
permanent rose .  After that was dry, I rubbed off the frisket that was protecting the
flowers.  I put in more detail in the blossoms and added a couple more.
Then wetting the sky area again, I added a little more color in a couple of areas.


Remember this one?  The foreground was my dilema.  So after much thought I decided
to add a wash of the sky color in the center band of the foreground to
hopefully tie the piece together.  Did it work?


Anonymous said...

Well, I love it!!!
Big Hunk

Mindy said...

I love your San Juan Summer painting! Love the blues.

Bobbie said...

Thanks, BH :-)

Mindy, Thank you. That scene is looking south toward Silverton from the road to Bullion King.

Jimbo said...

I really enjoy how you paint step by step. I am not a artist at all but it is really fascinating watching you and reading your explanations.