Sunday, October 21, 2012

On The Road

Goldie fits right in

It has been a busy week getting ready to head out for our first trip in "Goldie."  So,  I had no chance to do any painting.
Mark has been working hard to remodel and update the old gal,
and we are pleased with how she looks, now we hope everything works. We left Friday afternoon and made our way over the pass to Moab.  I followed in the Subaru as Mark drove Goldie.
She responded well so we were pleased and relieved.

Biking in Canyonlands
After finding an easy to access boondock spot off the Long Canyon Road, we settled in for our first night.  The bed over the cab proved to be a little tight mostly because there is not much  head room, but the bed itself is comfortable.
Saturday dawned clear and was perfect for biking.

The Shafer Trail
We stayed mostly on pavement since it has been awhile since either of us has been trail biking.  The shoulder is wide enough
to give bikers room and not feel threatened by motor vehicles.

Green River Overlook and White Rim Trail
We traveled about 35 miles round trip and were certainly ready to get back "home" to enjoy dinner and a comfortable evening.
We love the canyons of Utah and never tire of the amazing vistas.

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Maureen said...

Hi Bobbie! We feel the same way about Utah. Over the years our appreciation of those wild places has increased. Safe travels. Maureen