Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ode to the Cottonwood

Fremont Cottonwood in Horseshoe Canyon

I love Cottonwood trees, they are like old friends, sheltering, steadfast, adaptable.  They may start out smooth and pale, but with age comes deepening furrows and darker complexions.




This cottonwood had a large limb that stretched out from the trunk.  The limb reached the rock and started sending out tentacle like smaller limbs to find the way around the rock .  See another view below...



Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

Lots of character in those trees.

Maureen said...

Cottonwoods are amazing and tenacious trees. One of the things I always loved about springtime in Montana was the smell of them. The sap in their buds is sticky, red and sweet smelling. Nice post.

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