Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in Zion

Zion's West Temple

Desert Varnish in Zion

The Colors of Zion

Zion Narrows

Crescent Moon Over Zion


darin said...

Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving, Bobbie!

love, Tracey

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! You're very talented! Happy Thanksgiving! Love -Caleb

Kelly said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your beautiful paintings with us!

gumo said...

It is hard to pick my favorite one of your 5 paintings today so I just resolved to enjoy each one individually. Beautiful. Thank you!

Upriverdavid said...

i Bobbie...Hey Mark..Thanks for the info on the chair..I had only 28K AOL untill 2 days ago Not very easy to look at pics on Targets' site or your blog..I looked for an "E" address for you folks but couldn't find one..That's Hi at the beginning....I live way up in the mtns of Wa. 40 miles from a major city....Now I can view your videos..and others!! Whoa Nelly..modern tech!!

Anonymous said...

Maikel here. We will buy Crescent Moon over Zion. So cool.