Friday, August 26, 2016


We have about wrapped up our pastel lessons with good friend, Barb.  Right after we finished the top painting Barb adopted a rescue dog who needed lots of TLC, so we missed several weeks
of practice especially since we left all our materials over at Barb's studio.  
Finally her dog seemed to be settling down, so I went over to finish up the last painting and pick up our materials.  
As you can see we have been working on dramatic skies using Utube videos.  I still find I don't quite get pastels, but I think I am improving.  But before I forget how to watercolor, I need to get back to my old medium.  I have found that I do not have any fall watercolor paintings left.  Seems they have all sold.  There is a message there somewhere that I should heed.


Bill and Ann said...

I love the second pastel; as well as your header. Amazing.

Susan Wade said...

I really like your Sky Life (s) or Sky Lives? And the quilt is beautiful; I thing about starting to quilt often. Have you been quilting for a long time?

Bobbie said...

Susan, I made my first quilt in 2002, but several years past before I attempted another. This is my 7th. I still have a lot to learn. But I love it.

S Wade said...

Quilting seems to be a great meditative project on the road. So much to do; you two inspire me. Photography, writing, hiking, painting, quilting. Life is a gift for me now - trying to cram everyday.

I feel lucky to have found your team efforts.

Terry Banderas said...

I like it!