Sunday, September 2, 2012

Try This For Fun

Here is a fun technique to try that I found on Gordon MacKenzie's "The Watercolorist's
Essential Notebook:  Landscapes" DVD
You need a hogs hair bristle brush which you can get at the hardware store and
a household sponge that you have torn a small piece from

First lightly drag the wet hogs hair brush vertically down the paper so that
the water leaves a "lacy" pattern.  Next, using your piece of sponge, drop
pigment and let it move where it wants.  Let this dry, you can hasten the process
by using a hairdryer 

With a small brush add whatever branches you think you need in the "forest"
Soften the bottom edge by gently dragging a soft, dry brush across.
Wet your hog bristle brush again, dragging it across the paper horizontally
 Drop in darker color to create the water.   Soften the edges as above.

Again, let it dry completely
Add some soft lines with a small brush, softening the edges
to indicate the topography.  Next add foreground trees .

This is a second attempt.  I found that it takes practice to get the right amount of
water on the paper.


Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

WOW this looks like a person could have lots of fun with this technique. Thanks for showing it to us.

Tamia Nelson said...

What an elegant minimalist technique this is! Thanks for the tips. Now I've got to try it myself.

Wandrin said...

Bobbie, Just found your blog while reading the story about Goldilocks at Mark's blog.. Always love your work; a natural world is an excellent model. Your site is now on my reader list. Thanks for artistic tributes to the natural world.